My Girlfriend Reacts #shorts

Very sure she despises it.

Song is “Stupid World 16” by The Upside Downs.


  1. You are even more chadley than a giga chad

  2. I think this song will get so many view and go trend on tik tok

  3. She’s a keeper, Ray.
    Remember to always listen to her.
    Sometimes you gotta just shut the hell up and commiserate.

  4. That was actually a good song… Impressive stuff.

  5. “I just know that that’s romantic from your POV.”

    Oh man! If really wish if evey girl was so understanding.

  6. Everyone: awwww so cute
    Me: Oh so the full form of POV is point of view now I know

  7. Ohhh that smile on his face

  8. Every man becomes pansy when they find their girl

  9. Song is good

  10. This whole thing was amazing, cute, wholesome…

  11. Very wholesome ray
    You have put in a lot of hard work
    That’s why people love your content

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