My Game of the Year Votes


  1. Amongus VR is dumb, shouldn’t even be in VR category. Nothing really innovative or great about it. It gets boring after a couple games

  2. I think it’s a joke that Among Us VR was a contender for best VR games. Like, seriously? It’s not a new game, it’s just a VR version of the game that’s already been out and they are legit charging actual money for something that nobody has far as I am aware even asked for since you can literally play Among Us in Vrchat for free. In VR.

  3. Charlie needs to play Neon White, I’d love to see him play it

  4. Shouldnt warframe be on the list for best ongoing??

  5. As a genshin player they would do more than eat you alive 😂

  6. Shrekgettioski Memebigboi

    stray is a super fun game but definitely doesn’t deserve game of the year, personally i think ragnarok has this

  7. If elden ring was a game that was easy enough that everyone can beat but is still difficult it would be the game of the year no challenge to it but because most players even now I feel still haven’t beat it and that’s why they would vote for ragnorock

  8. I was told the new MW2 UI was designed by Hulu, is this true?

  9. I voted for elden ring on the art honestly but I may have a bias to magic and colorful effects

  10. Honestly them not putting one of the members from the current world champs for league up and putting chovy and faker up for two lol represents is a bit eh or weird. Don’t get me wrong, both are amazing players and kinda crazy but to represent 2022 is kinda eh imo. (also when they put gen g as the lol representing team for the next category too)

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