My Friends Trapped Me On One Chunk, So I Got Revenge

►My Friends Trapped Me On One Chunk So I Got Revenge
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my friends @Doni Bobes @Bionic @Liger @Auroralight choose to go and trap me on one chunk, so I escaped and get vengeance by trapping them in the void, thats why my friends kill my pet and i take vengeance on the most deadly minecraft smp, will i get vengeance against my friends, figure out if i can escape one chunk and create an army. this is a video clip reminiscent of AJTheBold and MinecraftCurios – The black hole is harder than the Unbreakable Vault, One Block and Farlands

#Minecraft #MinecraftRevenge


  1. what do i trap them in next??

  2. >:( you idot spawn the wither storm

  3. Your friends look forrible ide rather change your content change your content pls

  4. micayla morrison

    I love how the title still calls them friends after god knows how many times they trapped him lol

  5. Vida Appiah-Konadu

    0:33 proceeds to ignore a boat

  6. If i was quiff i would be on creative mode and kill them ALL

    Edit: i would also make my home in like a random spot FAR AWAY (maybe like 69 chunks away) and then kill them

  7. Agustin Ignacio Funes

    Just unfriend them

  8. loving this series

  9. ✞ ᴍᴜғғɪɴ ✞

    *ew pf name*

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