My first video clip! (GRWM + Vlog)


  1. How do ppl have bad sleep scheduals and still be like, normal
    It fucks me up so much i have to wake up early even if it meant i get 3 hours of sleep

  2. Hanna Winstead

    not me back rewatching this again today. such a comfort video! i think i speak for everyone in this comment section. u are a comfort person for many people. thank you for being you nick❤️

  3. I loved this video so much!! you and your brothers make me so happy every time I see you on screen I wanted to say thank you for being a safe and comfort place for us <33 will always love you!! and so so so proud!!

  4. this is why he needed to own his own channel

  5. >has 1 video
    >has 107k viewers
    >has 100k subscribers
    Lol if you’re going to bot at least be subtle about it also this is cringe af nobody likes this kind of content

  6. Larry's Pet Rat

    I love you babes <3

  7. Nick every 5 seconds: 😝🤟🏻
    Me: do that bed –

  8. New comfort Video unlocked

  9. Speechless your my therapist you know that 😭😭😭😭right

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