My First Signs Of Pregnancy (before taking the test!) VLOG

My First Signs Of Pregnancy (before taking the test!) VLOG

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  1. Hi Jess I hope you are doing well. Jess how did you tell Gabe and your family 🥰lysm

  2. I love how calming your videos are as usual. Thank you for sharing your new journey with us. 😊 I’m not pregnant but I have those symptoms pretty often (period or not) I’ve always had the worst bladder, I’m scared how it would be when I’ll actually be pregnant

  3. Just found out I’m preggo last night!!!!

  4. 06:30 yup thank me later

  5. I am at the exact same stage as you in pregnancy. I have also felt nearly every symptom that you mentioned x my main sign to take a test was definitely sore breasts as they were so sore for days. At the time I was tracking everything and my sore breasts had never lasted that long before 🥰 I find it so interesting that we are in the same week of pregnancy and going through the same symptoms. It makes me feel less lonely through this as I don’t have anyone around me in the same position in life 💕

  6. I cried when I found out you guys were expecting 🥺 you’re going to be the best parents to your blessed little bub ❤️

  7. I’m so happy for you! We’ve been trying and I had a feeling this was our month but I took a test a few days ago and it was negative. I’m having SO many of these symptoms though. I’m due to start my period tomorrow but hoping it doesn’t come 😂

  8. I am waiting for the blood test results but I’m having everything that you have except the sore breast. I’ve followed you for so long so to think we might be pregnant at the same time is quiet excitinggggg for me

  9. 😀😀👍👍

  10. I get how you feel. My soon to be husband and I work together and live together and every time he leaves for more than a few hours i get so sad and just miss him so much. But then when hes around he annoys me hahaha. Also i would love to see Gabes reaction to to finding out you were pregnant.

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