My Dog Does Weird Things | PART 2

My Dog Does Weird Things | Part 2

Back by popular demand…another round of Tucker doing bizarre things. There is never a dull moment with this little floofer. Tucker always does funny and weird things. Here are some more clips that are bound to make you laugh!

What was your favorite part?

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  1. At 2:52 tucker was so funny and adorable! I wish I had a dog like him but I already got 7 pets LOL

  2. afariad of visco girl

  3. Your videos are pure joy!

  4. Spider Animations

    Legend has it if you say a Youtubers name three times in a row They will pin you

    Tucker Budzyn
    Tucker budzyn
    Tucker budzyn

  5. Is he having a hard time with moving?

  6. He looked so angry at the bottle

  7. We actually had to change out all of our doorstops because our golden was taking them off and chewing them 😮

  8. Ur dog is SUPER cute!!!plus verr funny!!and I love dogs that do weird things

  9. Tucker is so cute

  10. 2m subs and taking vids in portrait

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