My Cheap Salvage Auction Ferrari Has a TON Of Problems! Will it Even Start?

Let us start the salvage auction Ferrari 360 and see if it is working right…

Mail: Samcrac
PO Box 713
Odessa, FL 33556


  1. Holy crap they found baby turtles in the trash!

  2. hood probably came up when they wrecked it rippin the prop shocks off for the hood…..

  3. I like turtles

  4. surely with the ferrari series and youtube ad views and the clicks youll get from those ads youll make your money back by the rest of the 10 vlogs???

  5. Glenn MacArthur

    cobrapub here,congrats on you purchase of the used Ferrari,I just got my used rally 308 GTB and the battery was dead so I replaced it and it started right up but when I reved it to 3000 rpm and it started to backfire so I shut it down for a day and repeated the engine startup again detonation so I shut it down again,odviously carbs not synced!So it’s off to the mechanic but at lest I know it starts and can move under it’s own power back and forth!

  6. Crap I missed how much this salvaged Ferrari was purchased for. Anyone? Plz

  7. stop trying to starrt it until it says CHECK OK ON THE DASH MAN?!?!?!

  8. Too much work

  9. I worked in the insurance industry for 20 years. I always had first dibs at buying salvage cars including exotic cars. The exotic cars make NO SENSE to repair. Costs for repair always exceeded the actual cash value by a huge margin. So, anyone who invests their time and money on these cars lacks commonsense. The cars here will forever wear the “REBUILT” status that will be broadcast to the universe.

  10. I say, remove the immobilizer, and test again

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