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If you are perusing this remark ” I want a jar of pickles thrown at me too”


  1. She finally comes out of hiding hahaha HI HOW ARE WE ALL DOIN

    • Loved this video, can’t wait to see what mems you make in this apartment! Maybe there’s a studio space/ coffee shops/ something near by where you could work from or if the apartment building maybe has some common areas? Anything just so you can have a little separation 💖💖 sending big love your way!

      Reminder to make sure to give yourself some grace because you are doing so much at such a young age and have come so far already and have so much more to go!! Truly the definition of killing it.

      Everything always works out in the end just the way it should 💖

    • awful, i missed uuuu

    • I deal with construction there a lot of dicey ones I’m sorry it happens life’s a rollercoaster there ups and downs and when it gets done it feel even that much better

    • Can I come stay with you?.

  2. Sabrina Julia Jose

    Morg you’re literally living my dream life and there’s so much personal growth we all have to go through.

    So proud of you for doing you and understanding that taking time away from actively being in social media will strengthen your presence on here. I think you should look into low energy living and restful productivity. I think you’d benefit greatly from understanding the different types of productivity.

    Thank you for providing so much value to us on the youtubes🖤

  3. Glad to have you back, I missed you, have so much fun in your new place. I moved in with my mom a month ago and it’s a really weird thing to be 31 and be back here but it’s a smart idea and a reason that I knew I could do it is because you’ve been doing it and it’s been really nice to see that so thank you for continuing to move forward and getting out of your parents place and doing you. Kill it you got this

  4. are you garrett and andrew still friends ?

  5. Sidenote: cascade complete pods are better than finish. Better than every other dishwasher detergent I’ve tried, try them you will be amazed. Love this video anyway ♥️

  6. Morgan you are a Goddamn Cheetah!

    Thank you for being you.

  7. love seeing your growth morgan!

  8. So Proud of you Morgan! 💐💚

  9. You look great, girl! 🔥

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