MY 2 NEW ALBUMS ARE OUT NOW…are they my last? πŸ’”


Two new Autographed Albums. 34 Songs. Limited Edition Merch Packs.



  1. My TWO New Autographed Albums & Merch packs are OUT NOW!!!! Grab yours before they’re gone guys!!! ONLY AVAILABLE AT Good luck! Love y’all!

    • How cool would it be to have a different color and design bag over your face? That would be so dope!

    • Paul Van Beuningen

      Dear Tom, my name is Paul and live in the Netherlands. I am 30 years old now. My hole life i fighting for everything and the last 5 years was a living hell. Bro i can tell you 1 thing, you saved my life. You are 1 of the reasons that i cant give in. You can make me positive , and sometimes mad. Ore thinking about my future. About booz and addictions. And also The gouvernement. I wanna thank you for everything. Respect that you drop 2 albums i love your music, and the person how you was, and how you are today. I wish had the choice to see you in real life. Ore that you do a live show Somewhere. I lisson everyday to you. And sometimes the hole day when i need you.

      Bless you mate and dont stop ore quit you are the best

    • The American Patriot .

      @Akash Chopra

    • No, Tom MacDonald, thank YOU.
      As an artist myself – a burgeoning novelist, to be specific – I get it when the the pressure is on to get words on the page; sometimes I get hung-up on details that I worry some reader is going to find a way to poke a hole (or several) in some aspect(s) of the story and that makes me depressed and slip into the dreaded “writer’s bloc”.
      But, as my mentor taught me “A writer writes”; we have to follow the dictates of our passions because that is who we are; anything else/less would be a disingenuous betrayal of our essential selves.
      When I need to rekindle that fire, I try to learn something new, be that via reading a new book, or going out and having a new experience, or listening to any number your songs (and not just the ones that are specifically about motivation, though “Fighter” is just what I needed in more than 1 instance, so again I thank you for that).
      In my non-clinical/unprofessional opinion, you sound like you’re fearing hitting a wall and falling into a rut and losing your passion.
      I would recommend that you take some time off for yourself and go out and have some new experiences.
      Take a trip, meet some people (on the DL, if at all possible)…maybe get married and have kids?
      Life has so much to offer that’s not just beyond the recording booth, but just might inspire what happens in the recording booth.
      You’re also clearly a dog lover – most people are – a song aimed at folks’ love for their pets would be at least as heartwarming as “My Fans”.
      …Anyway, I doubt you see this megillah, but time passes slowly when you’re stuck in a plot hole.
      I ordered both albums yesterday and eagerly await their delivery.
      Do what you gotta do, I – and I’m sure the rest of the #hangovergang – support you!
      H.O.G. FAM 4EVER!!!πŸ”₯🀟🏻😜🀟🏻πŸ”₯

    • Jamie Gonzalez Merino

      I already got my order in! Can’t wait to check them out!

  2. Hi Tom! Hi Nas! Can’t wait to hear these new albums. Don’t give up, don’t worry about if your fans like them or not, don’t worry about if your next album is as good as your last album or not. Just keep being you and sending the messages you want to send. Most of the reason I listen to your music is for the message. I agree with mostly everything you say, and even if I don’t, it gives me another perspective on things. Plus you have a right to your own opinions and feelings, everyone else does NOT have to agree. You already know this, Tom, although you might have forgotten.
    “Someone’s always gonna hate you no matter what, so might as well just be yourself and let people think that you suck.”

  3. Always Sunny In West Allis

    get XRP tom!!!!!!

  4. God is your strength, and He has boundless and immeasurable amounts of it. Call on Him for strength, for our own fails from time to time.

  5. Its an album.

  6. you are beyond an inspiration….

  7. Hopefully, u sound like a woman.

  8. *good riddance*

  9. please do an upchurch collaboration

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