MultiVersus of Badness

Mark my words Sylvester will be DLC.


  1. “This is like a roster of the toys I had when I was a kid”
    And that’s… bad?

  2. Imagine crying this hard over a F2P game that doesn’t take you to the cleaners over character unlocks?

  3. Nice Video Mr Dunkey!

    Unfortunately, not what the people wanted.

    What we need from you is a review of the 1992 Classic Directed by and Starring Clint Eastwood, “Unforgiven”.

    Nice attempt though!

  4. i feel like people are thinking dunkey was being a lot more negative than he actually was, he was giving it a decent amount of credit

    and I’d ignore the first part about the roster, everyone’s personal experience tremendously skews their perspective of how “outdated” or not something they might’ve grown up with is. I’m like nearly two decades younger than dunk and im much more familiar with most of the multiverse characters than like 95% of the smash roster. mostly because my family really didn’t have many video games growing up, while TV, Youtube, and eventually streaming services became our go-to for most entertainment. my cohort guaranteed knows a lot about fnaf, undertale, and minecraft though. for better or worse.

    it’s also worth mentioning that as time goes on, and nintendo in particular makes it more difficult to re-experience old video games on ancient consoles (or emulators with roms), less and less younger people are gonna recognize most “classic” video game characters, while companies that are moving from broadcasting to streaming their shows can now just keep episodes of old shows up for anyone to watch at any time. the only reason why my 7 year old brother knows anything about old marvel characters is because of disney plus, while he’s only familiar with kirby, sonic, and mega man _because_ of smash. and honestly? with characters like samus, solid snake, and cloud? i am too

    **tldr: shows have greater reach and recognizability than video games, and that’s only gonna become more true as time goes on. i can’t speak to the “cohesiveness” point because i don’t know anyone from smash outside of smash other than mario, sonic, kirby, and zelda, and i dont really care to go out of my way to buy/emulate, and i feel like the average parent/kid looking for kid-friendly and cheap games dont either lol

  5. interesting choice, both having such a trash opinion and deciding to broadcast it

  6. Most people haven’t played 90% of the games in smash. At least I get some nostalgia from this game.

  7. Play Brawlhalla

  8. Nope. You are nitpicking and biased, bye bye

  9. It sounds like your just salty that it’s doing good and smash is completely irrelevant now

  10. You do realise this is an open beta right?

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