MultiVersus is a fun game

What other game can you bonk Lebron James on the head with a large mallet?
Thanks =)

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Friends in the video clip:

Outro Music Created by: @Mattercell Entertainment


  1. shurrshurrshurr

  2. Path of titans

  3. 10:40 meta knight all over again

  4. does smii7y even heart comment’s or reply to them?

  5. Yo he is close to 5 million subscribers

    • Text_me on telegram @SMii7Yy

      Hello, congratulations you’ve been
      Selected as a great winner.
      Quick send a direct message above to
      Acknowledge your prize. Thank you❤️❤️…

  6. bro i just got this game a few hours ago and was thinken it would be somthen funny for u to play

  7. Imagine they start using the dodge button

  8. wow me and my brother made alot of the same jokes as u thats crazy

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