MULLET News You’ve Been Waiting For

SME Merch!


  1. Only 24k now!

  2. Steve’s about to hit 400k! Let’s go!!!!

  3. Love the technical information and learning thought I was subbed lol roll on 400k

  4. you sort of have the same look on your face as when you sent the Brodix block to cleet, we all knew that engine wasn’t gonna make the whole season, you seem to be a bit more protective of this engine, i hope ya get the 400k subs, you deserve it.. I assume you’ll be down there to watch Cleet fire that beast up?

  5. Well if you are a gay faggot!;;

  6. cleetus sent me subbed

  7. Hi Steve, add 1 more subscription Via Cleetus. Best Regards.

  8. That’s a work of art I always thought I wanted an Aries aluminum hemi untill I saw this I’m in love with that bad m fkr

  9. Almost there!! 🤯

  10. Isidoro Machorro

    Got my sub In at 377k gl on 400 almost there

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