Mullet Engine Teardown Day 2 !!!

@CleetusM Engine is here and we rip it apart for you to look at – Day 2

Next part will be published soon!!!

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  1. Steve, you always have the best knowledge and they way you break it down anyone can understand. Blessings. 🙏

  2. I’m going to watch the first episode two more time just to spite Youtube

  3. Can you show a race at anytime,with the engine your working on thamks

  4. I’m in my retirement years and after being a mechanic and building my own bracket race car, I still don’t have as much knowledge as what is in these videos. Whenever someone says that they want to build an engine, I always say that anyone can put an engine together but it takes a lot more skill to build an engine. Even a basic bracket race engine should be assembled and disassembled a few times before you even think it’s finished and ready to be fired up.

  5. purpleacidpanda 69

    What type of material was that exhaust valve?

  6. I was interested in this but after the three commercials that was it I’m done. YouTube subs too many commercials down your throat and watching.

  7. Comment added to boost the algorithm

  8. #14 on trending!?! That’s awesome!

  9. Wow youtube needs to get on top of this scam shit that is in almost every single channels comments trying to scan people sorry that happen to you steve ❤

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