MTV’s Most Aggressive Dating Show (NEXT)

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  1. I have so many vivid memories of watching NEXT with my sister when I was like 8-12 lmao this show was so insane

  2. I CANNOT EVEN EXPLAIN TO YOU HOW MUCH I LOVED THIS SHOW. An embarrassing amount, really. So happy to see you covering this lolol

  3. Natasha Lawely

    “I just forgot what the 2000s were like” i think we all tried our best to

  4. Robyn Srikandan

    This TV show reminds me of how a panic attack feels

  5. It’s honestly wild that people were acting like this before it could get you to go viral on social media

  6. 16:44 nice edit ahahaha

  7. more next please

  8. liselautenbacher

    Dear Christ, I hope to f*ck none of these contestants have procreated!

  9. Did anyone else see dude in the top left corner at 4:55 doing…whatever it was he was doing 😰

  10. That voiceover is bringing back some Troom Troom trauma

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