MrBeast Trapped us in his $10,000 Unbreakable Box!

Download Monster Legends now and claim your prize!

We are going to get MrBeast back by building the most unbreakable and most powerful box ever! Do you think he will let us trap him inside it?


  1. Download Monster Legends now and claim your reward!

  2. Danger Brose helpful and destructive

  3. Habboubi rayene

    this is soo cool

  4. imagine they trap mrbeast the day tryhan gets to mrbeast house

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  6. I’ve been watching since they started the chanel

  7. Christianne Mohrmann

    Where’s rob

    • TELEGRAM ME 👉 mrbeast218👈


  8. Why did not roll the rock?

  9. Thank you so much I used your link

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