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  1. Sailing La Vagabonde

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    • @RandomRadzz waiting on the first one that isn’t organised by the FBI.

    • I’m an incredibly big fan of your singing and sing writing… My heart grows with every line I pray for you guys for peace love and healing 🙏🤲 keep your head up the healing has begun and scabs always get a little itchy and uncomfortable but that’s how you know the world is healing we are here making a change and taking the reins and cutting these chains off our sorrow

    • This man has landed and was never afraid to fly but was once afraid to fall till I found we are all just ballsafe for the falls made to bounce back…. Because we are each just a grain of sand on a beach we call the hourglass of time and on the beach in that hourglass every grain will fall and the last to fall will be among the first to fall on the flip 🤯♾️ notice and hourglass ⏳ is an eight and and upright ♾️🤯🙏🤲🤟🦁☝️

    • Wwwooohooo the woke mob… Can’t stand it!! I was raised by a hippy dippy mum who told me “Donna Lyn, this is a big blue ball of difference.Your job is to soak up an learn from those difference’s. An grow as another human meeting ppl where they stand each time…be respectful of everyone you meet no matter what my luv, kindness rules the day an kindness is free daily! ” .
      With the “woke mob” they aren’t smart enough to see thru the big picture an ask before running to the woke rescue…! It’s the same with feminism today…I was taken to marches with my mom.An this isn’t we matched for!!
      I am poor an want to leave America..So I am trying to get to my sister in Aurba ! I appreciate the way with which you both approach life… Riley and Elena your thumbnail is beautiful.. my day wore one working in the garden. He received it from his time in military… He said it’s the smartest head wear in rain an shine… Ignore the unwoke woke… ✌🏼💗😊

    • Bro she’s the hotter version of Amber Heard

  2. Brilliant cliffhanger!

  3. I’m curious if the new Bali law about living together/staying somewhere together unmarried being illegal and punishable by imprisonment impacts your decision to make that home base at all?

  4. Rotten Pumpkin. It just sat there looking all firm and fine. I reached out and picked it up and the bottom just stayed there while the rest of the shell just exploded. OMG. The horror!

  5. From my perspective the thumbnail is lovely. I do not know Bali culture. For the worst smell ever it would have been burning poop during Desert Storm. I hope that you ask some people of Bali how they respond to the thumbnail. I am interested to know if it is something that is found to be important, and if so, why. It would be nice to know more on their culture and way of life.

  6. Just beautiful! Enjoy! Can’t wait to see your new transportation!

  7. That’s a BIG tri. I should know, as the one I built and am living on and sailed all over the world for the last twenty years is nine meters, and it is almost too much for my wife and I to handle. Mine is in foam and carbon too but probably weighs a quarter of what yours does. I wonder how you will manage. I suppose if your income stream doesn’t dry up you’ll manage alright, but if not, well then it’s off to destination fucked. I met a guy recently that had just taken delivery of his sixty footer from Viet Nam. He was having nothing but troubles with it, IN particular with the rudder and foils. The rudder on his was a design trying to fail. Why they didn’t go with a kick up design is a real mystery. And if I were you I’d pitch your foils in the trash first thing, as you are sure to have unending nightmares with them. I could write a book on why this is fact, but you will just have to take my word for it now, or in a year from now you will have to endure another smug comment from me telling you I told you so.

  8. Your thumbnail is just fine my friends,Cultural appropriation isn’t real,it’s nothing but a reason for people to cry and complain.

  9. The thumbnail is no problem at all. Celebrate culture. We all share this planet and we are all unique.

  10. Poor Lenny 💖 Great video crew!
    In regards to the hats, we don’t think anything of tourists wearing Akubra hats I suppose, if anything it supports local businesses who make them. 👍
    At least you’re not running around Bali with an Australian flag around your neck 2006 style #cronullacringe 😅.

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