Moving An 1800s Saloon Bar Across The Country!

This was a titillating adventure! No hotel would be complete without any a bar and I was just recently offered THE fabled bar from the 1800s to go inside the American Hotel. An official Brunswick Bar. The trouble was it was in Texas and I was in Cerro Gordo. But I made my way down there and had quite the adventure bringing this bar back to Cerro Gordo! Hope you all savor it!

Filming by Christopher Kam:

His Honor the Mayor of Golden, Leroy Gonzales: 1720 Highway 14 North, Golden New Mexico, 87047

Cerro Gordo T-Shirts and more:

Mailing Address: PO Box 490, Lone Pine, CA 93545

Thank you so much!!


  1. I’ve moved about 35 times in my 46 years, but I’ve never moved something of that stature. A commendable effort and a journey to remember. A huge contribution to your life’s work that will be remembered for generations.

  2. That is an impressive bar. Very beautiful. I was antique shoppiing one day in Rixhmond, VA. There was a very elaborate saloon for sale. Not just the bar but the entire room. It must have been 24′ X 24′. The entire room was dark ornate paneling and the bar covered one entire side. The mirror went to the ceiling. I wish I had inquired more about it esp. the price. The next time I was in that store it was gone. Your bar is going to be awesome in the new hotel.

  3. Always thrilled to watch your videos and be a part of it. I also hope to come to cerro Gordo one day, its a long way from germany though 😀 If you start populating the city, let me know, I will be a citizen 😀 Be safe and have a good one Brent!

  4. Bentation Funkiloglio

    Very cool. How do you keep yourself organized and motivated? After a few months by myself in a ghost town, I’d be walking around in the nude and sleeping until noon everyday.

  5. Cant wait to see the hotel when its finished its going to be epic

  6. “this is my psychiatrist couch you can sit down lay down or stand on your head we will probe into your problems and we will persevere oop wait a minute times up 200 bucks I’ll see you tomorrow” – mayor of golden

  7. Coyote Rangers Media

    The hell did I just watch lol

  8. Dear Whomever - Life

    What I took from this video is – What makes a town is its people and history!

  9. Following your story is so much fun. Your excitement for the history of this town is infectious!

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