Mother who ran into school during Uvalde, Texas shooting talks about moments inside

When Angeli Gomez heard there was a guy shooting folks at her sons’ school in Uvalde, Texas, she knew she had to go rescue her children. CBS News Correspondent Lilia Luciano chatted exclusively with Gomez about the moments she spent inside the school, and why Gomez says police forwarned her to stop telling her story.

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    • Throw the whole state of Texas away adap

    • And not one person knows what would have happened if he had charged in there. It could very well have led to many more kids dying and you would blame him then for going in. As for trying to keep parents out he was just trying to keep them safe he wasn’t being belligerent. Any of you think maybe he would have ordered cops to go in but with so many others trying to get in he held back for their safety? If they could’ve gone in without worrying about 100 more lives they very well may have

    • @R L Shorty Wrong. Plenty of us can say for sure, because we had the guts to go to war as volunteers. Speak for yourself. Not all of us run from the sound of chaos 🇺🇸

    • She said cops detained between first and second son then turned around and said there wasn’t a single cop in the school. Sounds like she embellished a tad bit

  2. Guillermo Flor3s jr

    All those cops should be publicly shamed and scrutinize someone should make a video with all their faces… keep backing the blue..

  3. SpartanOverlanding 300

    Give a her a vest, gun and badge!!

  4. There’s nothing embarrassing about making an honest living.


    Police tyrants lie about everything until the camera video proves otherwise. They all need to be terminated especially the DPS commander who told the hero Border Patrol agent that didn’t comply to stand down. The courageous Border Patrol agent went in the school and saved lives.

  6. I see nothing wrong here. mama bear will always look out for the cubs

  7. Courage Under Fire!!

  8. All those cops, but bo active leaders, so when one appeared, they should have followed her.

  9. Is the Uvalde police guilty of manslaughter?

  10. is this America, is this what cops do in the USA! I am shocked when Ted Cruse says America is the best country to live in the word, no one with a brain would want to come here!

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