Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations!

We work our way up viewing the world’s top 25 risky traveler attractions! Some of the wildest ones did not even make the top three, so you have gotta check them all out!




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  2. Timothy Edmunds

    # spend 50 hours in that hotel in the ocean jimmy be a man think of the views 🙂 love the content

  3. Jessica Hughes

    Great video as always. But I’m curious how that Mr.Beast chocolate bar is coming along.

  4. How Does He Land … Gracefully

  5. monkeyboi _586

    Chris: I have one question, why gamer chairs?
    Me: I have one question, what happens if you need to go to the toilet?

  6. its giving mr beasts ideas

  7. 0:43 that is… nice of you..

  8. Number 10# burger king foot lettuce

  9. Rupshan gaming

    Where is mt everest

  10. Humpback whale

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