MORE bad news for AMD GPUs… Huge Recall Incoming??

AMD Reference 7900XTX Coolers are failing at a frightful rate! Der8auer did a complete video clip about his testing here. Disclaimer, our 7900XTX along with many other reviewers does NOT exhibit this conduct, nonetheless there are MANY certified cases in the wild.
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  1. Thanks a lot for shout-out 🙂
    When you talked about that we didn’t think about this before at 6:35 I started thinking about if we even missed this on other cards in the past. Good point! Could probably change reviews for the future.

  2. 台湾把AMD搞砸

  3. Is it bad I’ll be building an all Intel build spring 2023 with a 13500 and a770? Seems perfect for 1440p and affordable from Intel. Also debaurer is legit been with him for years.

  4. Devil hides under details, I have an RX 6800 since release (2021) and junction temps never gone up more than 65-67 degrees. This video looks more a ‘custom’ NVidia sponsored. REMEBER this OVERCLOCKING is ALWAYS harmful to you and does even worth it at this high end video cards !?! NVidia you wanted the big balls as always, you have them but power consumption and price are not worth it, just admit it AMD is more efficiently ( power and price per product) . Like I said Devil hides under details and this days are so many details to process just to make you confused! Happy New Year to you all and Happy new Games( P.S. after this time still don’t have games to make me Overclock or upgrade my GPU)

  5. Sire DragonChester

    Yeah Imo these new AMD 7xxx shouldn’t be hitting more then 90 degrees at stock settings Imo. RDNA3 didn’t really live up to the hype. Imo 7xxx feels more like RDNA 2.5 refresh. RT performance didn’t seem improve much and don’t seem that much improvements over RDNA 2 (6800xt to 6950xt).

    Yeah there was some performance improvement, But imo not enough vs the price. Consider all issue and running hot. The 7xxx price Especially here in Canada are still insane. Over $1000 Canadian. Still better for me find used or new 6800xt for about $900 CAD. It would be upgrade vs my GTX 1080ti. It rarely hit over 72 degrees.

  6. nathaniel cascini

    I guess a lot of people must buy cards directly from AMD and Nvidea, but, I don’t see a reason to really do that. Those companies could literally just sell the design of the graphics cards to their partner companies and everything would be fine.

  7. Almost like passive cooling is the future and nobody needs 8k gaming 😂

  8. Is there going to be a gap from 3nm to 2nm like with the 9-10 series? Gaa seems difficult to implement for gpu’s…

  9. Where can I find one of those voltage adapters for the gpu that Roman uses?

  10. sounds like planned obsolescence

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