Moonbase Arcade Restoration – Gone Wrong

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  1. No suggestions, just wanted to say I’m already looking forward to part 2 🙂

  2. Come on, 8-bit guy. Take the criticism like a man and enough with the being defensive.

  3. I think you should leave it at Asian Difficulty…

  4. I really enjoyed your description of the process, thanks for bringing us through with you. I especially liked how you showed the board zones. I actually like it when we see mistakes, we all learn with you!

  5. Awesome. A collab with Adrian.

  6. after hearing in your last restoration that you weren’t planning on doing any more, i was saddened.. even if you’re doing the same machine you’ve already done i always find them entertaining! seeing this one was a welcome comeback!

    there are always buzzkills that criticize no matter what, even though you’re clearly very experienced.. everyone makes mistakes and just know that there are always people who still love and enjoy these videos!

  7. 8 bit brother was lucky in real estate.

  8. tin foil and oil are a good choice for cleaning up rusty metal, i use it for cymbal stands

  9. I say leave it in scrolling mode it looks like PS4 “Resogun” game xD

  10. The biggest mistake in this video was, of course, to remind your audience that The Last Jedi exists. This I could do without. Otherwise… eh, it happens, just a trivial little error anyone could’ve made. I know I would’ve made it ten times over by that point.

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