*Moody* Bedroom Makeover With DIY Reading Window Bench

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Hey guys! I’m Alexandra Gater and I show you how to do rental-friendly upgrades and DIY projects on a budget. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for our monthly video schedule! Today I’m turning a small rental bedroom into a moody and cozy space!

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Alexandra Gater
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Thank you so much to each and every one of you for your continued support. I get to make these videos for a living, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it.

Videographer, Carla Antonio: https://carlaantonio.com
Senior Editor, James Resendes: https://vimeo.com/jamesresendes
Junior editor/vlog editor, Alessandra Sconza https://vimeo.com/asconza
Intro designed and animated by Lindsey Deschamps: https://lindseydes.com

All music sourced by licensing.
All opinions are my own. It’s important to hire licensed professionals for certain projects; if you’re unsure or unqualified, please don’t attempt any projects seen in my videos yourself.


  1. Someone needs to give this team a legit television show. You guys consistently produce better quality makeovers than 95% of what is on tv. The best!

  2. You guys are awesome!

  3. my favorite is the reading window bench

  4. I’ll try to make the same book shelf for my daughters but for toys/house for little dolls! the idea is amazing and I have a window just like that

  5. The paint colour in this room is way too dark.. all the furniture is blending into the walls. It was soo dark in this room that it was even hard to see details in the video. This room would look so much better with warm white walls. It would create way more contrast between the trim and wood furniture.

  6. Graham’s giggle at 14:19 and 14:25 literally melts my heart. We love Graham!!!

  7. They called her school

    AG is always on point…so reliably fabulous–stylish, practical–who could ask for more from a show or from these make-overs 🙂

  8. The side table is too small and you had to put books under the lamp 🤷‍♂️ why? Also too dark

  9. Another beautiful room! Another beautiful dress! You look great with the style of this dress. I’m glad you added the books under the bedside table lamp. The table was too short. 😊❤😊

  10. That bench is perfect! Such a thoughtful and useful design. I was so glad to see the storage cubbies as well as book shelves – this is very single room living.
    However, the bedside table lamp is not. I can picture the arm contortion necessary to roll over, reach down then up to turn off the light from bed!

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