Money and Maverick – Good Thing (Official Music Video)

Money and Maverick – Good Thing (Official Music Video)

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Dallas Texas August 17th at the Granada Theater
Buy Tickets here –


  1. Who came here from tik tok

  2. spup.baker its me

    Yay finely a new one

  3. MyLifeAsDeziree

    I love the fact that they are single but almost all there songs bout girls

  4. Who on,y heard good thing going

  5. Доника Чолакова

    I LOVE YOU ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  6. I’m so speechless

  7. Thameshree Moodley

    Hi Mak… If you’re reading this😂

  8. Bruh he got no rhyming at all

  9. I from israel and i love your songs and i love your tiktok videos😁

  10. Видео состоит из прыжков в воду….. Я канешно вас очень люблю, и знаю что вы это не читаете, но вы могли сделать клип лудше.

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