Monaco vs. Bayer Leverkusen: Extended Highlights | UEL Play-off 2nd Leg | CBS Sports Golazo – Europe

A high octane first leg featured five goals and a Monaco stoppage time victor. Can Leverkusen and wonderkid Florian Wirtz conquer the deficit on the street?

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  1. Needed this for my diaby

  2. Impressive performance from Writz. Somehow his one-two remind me of Benzama lol. But ye he’s quite calm and visionary with the ball.

  3. why you dont show the penalty miss wtf

  4. Frimpong is a monster what a game

  5. Should’ve done Diaby sbc

  6. Trash as2 penalty at the end lol

  7. All the highlights and you did not show the one penalty that Monaco missed that became the decisive point of the match???? WHY?????

  8. DIABY UPGRADE!!!!!!!!!!

  9. quality tie and a quality ref as well dont think he made a mistake

  10. Diaby Upgrades LFG. WP Leverkusen what a fantastic game

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