Mom Still Unsure of What Creature Was in Her Driveway

The mother whose security camera captured eerie footage of what seems to be Dobby the residence elf from the “Harry Potter” series told Inside Edition she’s still flipped out by the video clip. Mom Vivian Gomez told Inside Edition that she’s “not sure” what it is. Asked whether it could be her 9-year-old son Bobby, Gomez replied, “I wouldn’t let him out at dark by himself.”


  1. Dino Sees Fake People

    Bobby was sleep walking.

  2. captain D we need you

  3. sιlvεя αcε

    Nasa: it’s just our new robot that we lost

  4. Who tf gave aliens crack?

  5. Fake.

  6. This is me when I’m mad cuz I got scammed XD

  7. Hermione Granger

    Dobby is back from the dead

  8. Honey Daryanani

    U said Dobby wrongly

  9. Why would people call this an alien? 2 hands, 2 feet and a head, seems like it was born on earth. I bet it was the kid doing the chicken dance from that dumb game fortnite.

  10. Don’t worry it’s dobby

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