Model Y Unveil

Design your Model Y –


  1. Lowerhaightstreet

    33:17 what if you get a blue screen of death down the hwy

  2. When they run out of letters they are gunna start using numbers

  3. So in summary, it’s just the Model X without the flash and gimmicky doors? I’m not really complaining since that’s obviously the right direction for them to go in but I don’t know if this really constitutes calling it a whole new car…

  4. Ahhh, really wish i could work for Tesla, exciting times ahead!

  5. If only Nikola Telsa was able to see and understand what Telsa is doing for the world, a true testament to a brilliant man and a very encouraging look into the world of tomorrow.

  6. Form following high function once again. But I still can’t figure out how this doomed company that is trying to do way too many things at once has managed to actually be pulling off most of them and stay viable with such a bright future. Apple 2.0?

  7. Tesla model
    “S” “3” “x” “y”

  8. Yet another bad design. When will these *uckers stop with rolling out the same design with a new name and think we don’t notice. Musk has failed you suckers.

  9. Hey Elon, since the Oshawa G.M. plant will be shutting down soon, how about moving a plant up to Canada soon!

  10. Why TF does it almost look like a Ford focus

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