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  1. after 4 came out in august ……… 🙃

  2. Dylan are you gonna play anymore games?

  3. petition for dylan to watch coco

  4. dylan please watch final destination 3 i beg of you. you will love ian mckinley i swear bro

  5. Me looking in the comments for anonym to say smt 😂😂😂

  6. The crab was the worst part of this whole film

  7. Why do I feel like the creepy man at the bar is actually you Dylan

  8. Is he wearing the Pirates of the Caribbean medallion?

  9. Creepy looks are genderless.
    That’s why the Right hate Everybody. They think the so-called “Woke Mob” are all fucking Creepy

  10. Sam Rodriguez Irurzo

    First Ursula and now Moana’s Grandma… Dylan really does have a type

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