MLB Pitchers Are Cheating Again But It’s Ok Now

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  1. Think the MLB should have a Legal substance for pitchers to use

  2. natural 20 racing

    I would’ve put the spider-tac on my cup , so I could force a bunch of grown men to complain my crotch

  3. Can we just bring back steroids?

  4. Imagine being a professional pitcher, throwing a baseball since you were most likely a child without foreign substance, and then claiming that now, at the peak of your career, you can’t throw a baseball without the substance. That has got to be the weakest excuse I’ve ever heard. Quite a shame to think of all the pitchers who never used a substance, fail to make the MLB to guys who really look at us with a straight face and say they can’t throw a baseball reliably without literal glue on their hands. I love baseball.

  5. Like everything, context. It’s “the same type of cheating.” Yeah, but not really. It’s like the Astros. They stole signs. As have all teams and players have done, have attempted, and will always attempt. Yes, it’s the “same type of cheating”, but not. No one much cared, not managers, the MLB, fans, or even the actual batters about the sticky stuff. That is until it became overwhelmingly abused and couldn’t be overlooked. After a correction mandated by the absurd level of abuse (pitchers with the shit lathered all over them for even the most ignorant viewer to question watching a broadcast) a regression back is expected. Baseball didn’t do it to increase offense. They did it because it had become so bad pitchers literally couldn’t drop a ball in the dugout like Spider-man. It’s was embarrassing.

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  7. Cant forget buck showalter loves stickey stuff

  8. Good job, but where do we go from here?

  9. You are the worst baseball YouTube channel jfc you just make stuff up constantly

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