Mixing Every Nail Polish in My Brand Together (What Colour Will It Be?👀)

Happy Birthday to ME, who wants some Got Cake? Shop➡️ http://holota.co/simplybday

Got irksome nails?

💿🌮💅🎂H O L O T A C O S I M P L Y B D A Y P O L I S H:
“Got Cake?” NOW AVAILABLE➡️ http://holota.co/simplybday
$13 (USD) multi-dimensional frosty nail polish packed with holo flakies, silver foil flakes, and purple iridescent shimmer🥳
***This is a LIMITED EDITION polish in a custom lilac holo box. We made one giant bday bash batch which I hope is enough for everybody who wants one to get pleasure from! Once it sells out, we will not be restocking it.***

Check out my personalized Amazon page with stuff I like! https://www.amazon.com/shop/simplynailogical

Music: http://share.epidemicsound.com/SIMPLY
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  1. Holo-in-one!

  2. How about… “The Sparkling Burrito” or “A Thirty Eight Taco Party” or “Christines Soul” also happy B-day Christine, we love u so much

  3. Mixing all your overnight oats!

  4. “Cristine mixes nail polish to royalty free music for 14 minutes as a birthday present for herself”

  5. Tacos in a bottle

  6. Happy birthday!💖🥳🎊🎉🎁
    Your my favourite YouTuber and so damn funny, u cheer up my day after getting bullied and bashed up at school.You never let me down with your amazing videos and humour 😊
    I love you so much!
    (Ps you should release a song of the

  7. i would call it polished eggplant

  8. Oooooo Got Cake? Is exactly what I wanted for going wedding dress shopping!! Happy birthday, Cristine and thank you!!

  9. I’d straight up buy the multichrome mix and the linear mix, ngl

  10. Christine what’s ur tiktok ive been try’n to find it but all I find is Christine fan TIKTOK’sss with u should check out but making something😐😶…but anyways I need to tag u in something that I’m doing and I can’t find it…✌🏽🤷‍♀️📀📀📀📀📀📀

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