Miscellaneous Myths: Thoth Gambles With The Moon

Egyptian mythology is rife with mischiefs, drama and bodily fluids, but today let us discuss an unexpectedly SFW legend with an important role in setting up the calendar year!

Alternate title: Red Complains That The Universe Doesn’t Align With Her Personal Aesthetic Sensibilities For Five Minutes

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  1. referring to extra days or bonus days as calories just makes me think of a time god that eats days of the year.

  2. … I thought it was pronounced “tote”…

  3. This fits so well with the documentary I saw just yesterday about the mechanism of Antikythera, which the world’s first analog computer it’s approximately 2000 years old, it isn’t 100% known who made it, but it can tell you the exact positions of the sun, the moon and the six planets that were known at that time, on any day of the year, and according to that documentary it is still accurate to this day, which is amazing! Like, it was seriously super advanced for that time!

  4. Mathieu Leader

    I now want to write a story where Thoth and Kohnshu have their bet in Las Vegas and meet up with Hunter S. Thompson

  5. Cure Starlight

    AKA major plot point in The Red Pyramid that makes the Kane siblings’ lives even harder.

  6. 2 WEEKS

  7. Nut can’t nut


  9. about the intro, because of the whole calendar shenanigans the entire world celebrated the new millennium FOUR YEARS too late. (Yup, sometime around 1996 was the accurate time to celebrate the year 2000)

  10. Finally someone explained why we have leap years in a way that I can actually understand

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