Miscellaneous Myths: King Midas

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Ahh, Midas. Outrageously one of the least Problematic very old greek kings, and definitely one of the funniest to read about. Bizarrely good at surviving direct confrontations with temperamental gods!

PARTIAL TRACKLIST: Starfall, Flight of the Silverbird, Sky Becomes Water, Starfall

“Sneaky Snitch” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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  1. You know, there are some Hawthorne stories that would make really good episodes.

  2. “Noooo, you can’t just turn things to gold-”


  3. Ooh that Barns Courtney outro tho

  4. Midas: me want gold
    Dionysus: ARe yOu SuRE ABoUt ThaT?

  5. Typical sheeple going with the most popular, Bruh, Pan’s Music has way more emotional integrity and Dynamic Inflections than Apollo’s shity copy and past, over produced, Script Music just sounds like Godlike garbage

  6. That little cover of glitter and gold is better than the original

  7. Midas: This is to make an ass of me.
    Shakespeare: Write that down! Write that down!

  8. From my experience.
    Genie stories are actually never about “be careful what you wish for”
    Rather it is more “Be SPECIFIC” what you wish for…
    Just a random statement from the start of the video XD

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