Miscellaneous Myths: Aphrodite’s Affair

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A highly spiced story of a torrid affair that Homer in some way denies himself about like four times. Let us talk about!

(You would be stunned how tough it was to find a finishing song for this that was not far spicier than I was snug with!)

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  1. Ava RoSe Sᴇx Cʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ 21

    Honestly, I would love to see Red disect the whole Helios/Apollo and Selene/Artemis situation. That would be pretty interesting.

  2. In another myth, will everyone is laughing about the situation Hermes is said to have compliment Aphrodite beauty ( so her probably naked body). So to thanks him, she sleep with him a single night, because apparently she didn’t learn the lesson. ANND since it’s grec mythology they have a child together, born with both male and female genitals. They name them ” Hermaphrodite” (at least in French, since apparently in english he is name Hermaphroditus) wich is just their name combine tpgether.

  3. This…I missed this🥰

  4. Ava RoSe Sᴇx Cʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ 21

    I’m just happy that Hephaestus basically got his own miscellaneous myth. He’s sorta been left out. Thank you Red.

  5. Botman der Dritte

    now what I’m questioning is: What do gods need money for

  6. Ava RoSe Sᴇx Cʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ 21

    I like your style.

  7. Ares saying, “No touchy,” when Apollo and Hermes show up with looks of absolute glee on their faces, and then Apollo and Hermes taking a selfie with the trapped lovers was so good I had to rewind the video.

  8. KATTY- 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]

    The line “Zeus wouldn’t pay for a bucket if Ares were on fire” took me out thank you Red

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