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I only want the finest for @MintMobile buyers. Think I’ve discovered it.


  1. I’m a user of this service. The customer service is horrible. I will NEVER renew Mint Mobile. I reported a lost phone that was owned by a stroke victim and the “representatives” would not terminate service. The stroke victim could not access the account because of lost memory caused by stroke. So all the information is retained on the account, including credit card info, name, address. Agent requested five (5) telephone numbers before sending password to where I don’t know. I was appalled by such a scam. FIVE telephone numbers? DO NOT USE THIS CARRIER!

  2. Great, now I have to find a new carrier.

  3. look, this has already happened. lets just all hope that frontier airlines, does not try to buy t-mobile. because that would be the worst.

  4. Ryan sold out. TMZ said he would be a billionaire of this sale. Greed got to him

  5. The dialogue is surreal, is Ryan Reynolds’s being sarcastic? Are there even any other mobile carrier options that are small like Mint? Republic got bought out too.

  6. I come from a long history with T-mobile along with many others and was quite disheartened to learn about this 🙁 I’ll ride this one out and see where it goes but I hope I don’t have to jump ship again.

  7. I was about to leave T-mobile for mint as soon as my phone was paid off….I was waiting for 2 years… This is so disappointing…. 😓

  8. Francis Srečko Fabian

    We don’t get T Mobile in my country.

  9. great can’t wait for my prices to go up. Now i have to look for someone else. HOW THE FUCK DID FTC APPROVE THIS……never thought i would say this but fuck you Ryan….

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