Minecraft’s Hardest Duels

Minecraft’s Hardest Duels

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  1. Mmhhhhhh

  2. Can’t believe this dude didn’t do build battle

  3. This guys endurance is crazy and editing skills is amazing

  4. 200k club noice

  5. I thought Straight was the best?

  6. Bro at 11:00 I said shulker, realized neither of them said it, and now realize I’m only smart in Minecraft trivia. Fml

  7. wait you got 100k damn?

  8. When u said im gonna try the hardest tier 1 who has mastered 6 game modes i was sure itzrealme

  9. minute tech is a lier he said average player is t6 at 1:45 but literally the lowest someone could POSSIBLY be is lt5

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