Minecraft Now: Frog February!

Lydia hosts the second episode of Minecraft Now that picks up where the very first one left off – showcasing all things Minecraft! That’s quite a lot of ground to cover, so this time we concentrated on the three As: Agnes, Alexander, and amphibians! And some of the constructs on the fabled Spawnpoint server! And your world class warden art! Learn about the frogs that are coming to Minecraft 1.19 in this Minecraft Now livestream!


00:00 Countdown clock
05:32 Intro
07:30 Frogs
17:05 Poll outcome: blindness
22:14 Froglight
28:00 Poll outcome: speedboost
29:15 You Made It!
35:20 Mojang Builds
43:05 Block Buzz
46:00 Frog mini game


  1. SuperMatejaKing_yt

    add a tdeath limit

  2. I know what smallishbeans would he would build a castle with the frog lights

  3. The frog song be like 🐸

  4. Yooooo I counted correctly!!!!!

  5. Maybe they will have to add more bug types

  6. “The frog is too big to fit in the bucket” silently stares at axolotl

  7. it is 2022 can you add the wild update now ? 🤔

  8. Hi 👋😄

  9. Awokaowk

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