Minecraft Mobs if they were Superheroes

Super Pig!! haha these superhero mobs are dare I say Super!! which one is your favorite?

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Today we are checking out what these NEW Minecraft Mobs if they were Superheroes are like! Each of the mobs have new objects to test out. Tell us in the remarks below which was your favorite part!

Minecraft Mobs if they were Superheroes

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  1. Plz do a video about the mob vote

  2. I wonder what mob tyler will vote for

  3. Super pig more like spider pig

  4. Xyryn khae Paguirigan

    My my name name is is not not billy billy billy?! Billy?! Billy??!! Billy??!! Billy??!?!!?! Billy??!?!!?!

  5. I’m “berry” fast

  6. Jean Carla Barbadillo

    bum bum bummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  7. Super pig is super man

  8. Dayang Hasma Nissa Awang Yusof

    do mobs if they went medevil

  9. What about all mobs become jedi or sith

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