Minecraft Manhunt, But We Create Our Own Twists…

Minecraft Manhunt, But We Create Our Own twists…


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  1. Abdulrahman Harradj

    PLzzzz do a rematch

  2. This was a really cool premise and concept

  3. (your name) will be creative mode.

  4. The people who want this twist again will like. PLZ it was the best twist of all times

  5. Karsyn Eat my Mangos💦

    Watch Boosfer make the dumbest twist.

  6. Flop Games🦭😎

    But you said no imortal stuff but boosfer had it

  7. Best combo of twists:

    1: All mobs except for endermen, blazes, and the Ender Dragon are Wardens
    2: Mobs only attack hunters

  8. Again! Again!

  9. This was actually insane! Would love to see a manhunt v2 of this, maybe one with more hunters and a betrayer???

  10. congrats on #2 on trending 🙌

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