Minecraft Manhunt, But I Re-Made Minecraft…

Minecraft Manhunt, But I Re-made Minecraft…

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  1. Kier Death Counter: 15
    2:03 Iron Sword
    3:13 Sheep Car
    4:54 Emotional Damage (Bonus)
    5:53 Gravity 1
    6:38 Gravity 2
    8:30 Axe And Shield
    8:40 Kier Being Kier
    9:35 Gravity 3
    9:44 Gravity 4
    9:54 Gravity 5
    11:02 Gravity 6 And Fire
    13:07 Gravity 7
    16:58 Mr Crabs And Dev
    18:37 Gravity 8
    20:07 Pacman 1
    20:31 Pacman 2
    22:22 Emotional Damage 2 (Bonus)

  2. Okay, seriously, Kier why do you have no patience you’d have won at the end there

  3. 7:55 THICC DEV

  4. I love how if you don’t see what’s happening, everything just sounds like complete nonsense. I really enjoy these kinds of videos. You guys are doing an amazing job mixing things up while still going in the right direction.

  5. Amazing I loved it

  6. Dev : why is it so liitle
    me : that’s what she said 😏

  7. I just got deja vu when he entered the nether

  8. Lmao truly epic, updated manhunt Minecraft, this need more videos

  9. can you guys do a manhunt witha tiwst but only from the hunters perspective? preferably with kier as the hunter

  10. Dev became a serial killer

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