Minecraft Live 2022: Announcement Trailer

Minecraft Live is coming back on October 15, midday EDT! We have got a spectacular livestream planned for you, filled to the edge with sneak glimpses, deep dives, the most up-to-date news, and live gameplay! This year, we are presenting a brand-new way for you to vote for a new mob. You will have 24 hours to cast your vote in the launcher, on Minecraft.net, or by playing a special Bedrock server! So mark your calendars, set an alarm, and prepare yourself for the most recent news from Minecraft: Legends, Minecraft: Dungeons, and Minecraft! Read more here: https://minecraft.net/live


  1. You guys forgot about the elder dragon and wither lol.

  2. Can you notice some stuff that is the hint of 1.20. We are working on something big the full trailer will come out soon.

  3. Me encanta y espero algún día ser parte de mojan porque desde que yo descargue el juega de Minecraft me inspiró a ser algo de Minecraft y espero que algún día mojan me pueda resivir en su equipo los quiero
    N O E mojan

  4. Me: That was cool trailer!

    Minecraft Mobs: ]:[ /

  5. My birthday is on october 15 so yeah that’s going to be amazing

  6. Seriously after watching this my body was also moving

  7. We need dancing frogs in minecraft

  8. The best game ever

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