Minecraft Live 2021: Vote for the glare!

The glare forwarns you when you are in an area that is dark enough for monsters to spawn! How does it let you know? By getting super grumpy, of course! Vote for the glare during Minecraft Live on October 16 at noon EDT!


  1. I swear if we end up voting for this like we did for the glow squid just cause dream votes for it, I’m done with minecraft.

  2. Minecraft should make the rotten flesh when rotten flesh has been cooked it should be fresh meat

  3. IT’S TOO CUTE !!

  4. Cinthia Hernández

    it would be great to be your friend or pet

  5. Vince Kyle Chavez

    I will vote for this

  6. Denle like a farcry6 de vegetta777

  7. seems cool but, let’s see what mob comes out next, in my opinion it seems cool but not all practical i’m the other 2 mobs could be better

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