Minecraft Just Revealed A BRAND NEW GAME! (Minecraft Legends)

Edited by: DanTDM

Minecraft Legends Game: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/about-legends

In this DanTDM gaming video clip, DanTDM responds to the freshly declared Minecraft Legends game, a brand-new game in the Minecraft World.


  1. Minecraft dungeons 2?
    No, we have to give it a new name 🙂

  2. The audio of Dan’s is a but weird anyone else agree

  3. his vibe etc. It’s all true but sometimes I wanna talk abt the actual vi

  4. Can I be in a video

  5. can we all agree to ask him to play BZ? im a huge fan and want to see more of those episodes.

  6. please look into genshin impact

  7. Plot twist: Trayaurus accidentally created a portal which made all of the white coat villagers dissappear and so they had to create a new civilization using Trayauras’s knowledge.

  8. Ellie & Truffles

    I know this is rlly stupid but I’m rlly sad bc I created a yt channel and I have got barely any
    views and most of them are of me watching them over and over, what advice do u have for me 🥲

  9. Day 1 of asking DanTDM to play World of Warcraft classic

  10. You know Dan’s made a good reaction video when he’s wearing a kelogg’s T-shirt 😂

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