Minecraft Hide or Hunt, But on the Dream SMP

Minecraft Hide or Hunt But on the Dream SMP.. 24 players all have a quarter-hour to make a secret minecraft base. when the time is over pvp is enabled and the aim of the game is to be the last secret base standing!
Lets make the dream Minecraft Base!


#HideorHunt #RyanNotBrian

Welcome to my channel! This channel is all about Minecraft with focus on the
Minecraft PvP and Raiding content. In addition throwing in some one of a kind shows like
Minecraft Hide Or Hunt & Minecraft War!


  1. Hey peeps hope you enjoy!
    Still working the medieval 100 days it will be a banger 🙂

  2. its my first comment!

  3. Jack : you can kill me Haaaa
    Ryan:yeah I kill Jack yeah I gunna win!
    DrWhiske:nope by bro

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  5. Live by the clean-up engage; die by the clean-up engage.

  6. FYI CadenPlayzYT’ is NOT me.

  7. Dreamxd logs on:… Ryan: OH SHI-

  8. Benjamin Wasserberg

    If dream, himself committed here, it would be so cool! Also, he should have hid in the prison.

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