Minecraft – HermitCraft S9#8: Alien Gateway

In this episode we try out our new Organic Alien theme to construct a gateway into the future base. We give Xisuma’s elytra course a run, flaunt the boat race project, and even test out a Pick 3 deck drafting redstone system for Beef’s TCG.

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  1. To make the copper waxing a little less painful, you can wax the copper blocks at the stage during the oxidisation state, then cut them at the stonecutter. It saves up to 7 wax for cut copper slabs and you’ll never need to pillar up later to wax them, nor carry your wax-n-ax on your hotbar as you build.

    It’s the weirdest thing about how you can wax copper before cutting it and it stays waxed, but for some reason that’s a thing that works. It’s as strange as breaking a stone slab with normal pickaxe and not getting a cobblestone slab.

  2. CarbonationStation

    Glad to see Etho uses davinci resolve as well 🙂

  3. 22:31 do a loopy loop with that little pond.

  4. Luke Demczyszyn

    Next time you play TCG you, i think most of us would love the uncut unedited footage

  5. As for HC TCG formats, I’d like to see a tournament format where players buy a certain amount packs (maybe 1 starter, 3 booster). Then, using the collected cards, play in a ante for keeps tournament where you can rework your deck from the cards you’ve collected from the original packs, and what you’ve gotten from other players.

  6. Ugandan Knuckles

    hey etho, i think you can put some blue ice in spots where you want to boost the player.

  7. The deck drafting machine is awesome. I think that will be a great way to mix things up for the ‘big league’ players going forward.

  8. If anyone wants to watch Etho’s HC TCG games, I’ve compiled them with timestamp links on my self reddit post. My username is *diamondelytra* and the title of the post is *Etho’s TCG Matches; continually updated* from 13 days ago. There are 26 full matches you can watch plus plenty more matches where Etho is GM for other matches.

  9. i will continue to say this again and again, but etho’s style of building remains as one of the coolest things i have ever watched. the way that he incorporates all of the things he mentions like color theory, perspectives, and focus points are so beautiful when they come together. and on top of that, the way that he explains the process of building makes it genuinely SO unbelievably accessible for anyone trying to learn from it

  10. I’m still amazed at the sheer amount of content that TCG has inspired. Your deck drafting machine is crazy cool!

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