Minecraft – HermitCraft S9#1: Thrown Into Exile

Welcome to Season 9 of HermitCraft! I hope you join me and the other Hermits for whatever mischiefs we get up to this season.

Today I opt into the path of hardships by choosing to have Tango kick me into exile and get geared up in a fresh new area. The only way home is to trigger and overcome the final wave of a raid, or else through discovering a stronghold.

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  1. you have chests Etho! ~finger wags

  2. Partner with Grian for floating islands

  3. Since Impulse is dwarf, Gem is elf, how about troll or orc?

  4. MrStefanuzumaki

    A weird rule that could (maybe) aid you in your crazy base building shenanigans:

    Each (set of) space(s) has to play a theme song.

    Withdraws into the night.

  5. Charlie Von Doom

    The Prodigal Son returns! Welcome home, Etho!

  6. Hardest way I’ve seen a raid done!

  7. You’re the best stuff Etho.

  8. Zachary Miranda

    Build your starter base next Mumbo a and Grian’s where the entity was.

  9. I would love to see some completely unhinged von sway builds this season, your season 7 base was so good and it would be awesome to see you take it even further

  10. Big fan, mr. etho

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