Minecraft – HermitCraft S8#2: Base Face

Today we begin to settle into our new base location. We build EnderPorters to help with the climb, some basic farms to help with the grind, and some random face thing just because.

P.S.: Do not tell Iskall I spent all our diamonds shopping.

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  1. Etho! One of my favorite things about last season was the noteblock songs you would include in each episode. Are you going to be doing that this season? Or maybe not because of copyright reasons?

    • @EthosLab write your own songs!!

    • Anoneemus Noename

      @Jarry Pota The Halo theme would be cool to hear on noteblocks. Also At Doom’s Gate, Still Alive (Portal), Nobuo Uematsu’s One Winged Angel from FFVII, the Zelda Theme, the super Mario Bros. theme, the list goes on…

    • @EthosLab Etho, not sure how well the trick works now, but a while back I found a video explaining how to protect yourself from copyright attacks when you arent actually using the original song/clip/video. Basically copyright the new audio yourself (As a remix) and then there was some other website, the video was by ymfah I think. I dont know how well it will help, but it might. (also watched it a few months back…) good luck

    • Random Canadian

      @Jarry Pota Square is actually pretty good on that stuff. They don’t allow direct uploads of their music, but they do directly say “as long as it’s through you streaming/posting your gameplay we won’t claim your videos”. It’s how people can get away with almost reuploading raid music from FF14; mute everything but the music and record yourself running a raid. This might actually get away with it though since SE doesn’t seem to comb the internet for people using their music for the most part, and it doesn’t seem to be in the automatic claims system of youtube.

  2. Hey Etho, can you make a tutorial on how to make a face like Wilson, ive been inspired but never figured out how they work

  3. You should call him Boney M

  4. Sean O'Connell

    The broken faces are actually some of my favorite.

  5. A human, DEFINITELY

    Change the eyes and smile with another block. It will look even cooler

  6. Philipp Oberholzer

    can you make the face depend on the state of the fullness of the bones you have?
    also name him Dr. Bones

  7. Blacktown Shadow

    You have to pay for the tomatos! mumbo’s tater vender…

  8. Waxson / Waxon would be interesting name 😀 btw love your videos you are the best im watching your videos for 4 years or even more.


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