Minecraft, But Structures Spawn Every Minute…

Minecraft, But Structures Spawn Every Minute… (Challenge)

This is a Minecraft Challenge wherein I try to beat the game, but random structures spawn every minute! this concept was motivated by @Wisp’s “Minecraft, But You Can Craft Structures” video clip, except I put my own twist on it!

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  2. Is there anyway to get this mod on PS3 or the 360?

  3. I’m so done

  4. He didn’t grab the Dimond pick

  5. Me can I see replays?
    Yt:No idiot

  6. He didn’t see 2 diamond pick axes with mending……..why

  7. day 6 of: under 500k club

  8. This man just ended OP items videos

  9. Rowan Ravenscroft

    Can I have a SHOUTOUT plz love your vids

  10. That’s cool, but not as cool as a 1.12.2 Towny plugin Earthmap server called WorldWarMC. Server ip: worldwarmc.crafted.pro

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