Minecraft, But It’s Only 1 Water Block…

Minecraft, But It’s Only 1 Water Block…

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In todays Minecraft Challenge… Using only ONE custom water block, we must survive by breaking 1 block! The twist is that we get custom modded objects by breaking the block! Each block we break is random and gives us custom mobs, loot, and challenges! Can we survive with only ONE Water Block?

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  1. 토끼 🐇

    I am your fan 😁😁▼・ᴥ・▼(๑ↀᆺↀ๑)

  2. AK✓ᴀɴᴏʀᴍᴀʟ -᷼×

    I got so sad 😞 when the panda fell of

  3. Peelvoron Feasibility

    Bro its so easy to not fall of the water

  4. how to play this?

  5. u Can kill a mushroom with a wooden sword critical hit by one shot. I hope this makes sense.

  6. Make it a serise

  7. 4.69 subscribers hehe boi

  8. Bionic: How can you even fa-
    Also Bionic: * falls *

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