Minecraft But I’m A Crafting Table!

I have to beat Minecraft, but I’m a crafting table for the whole game! Also, Nolan is a treasure chest and Fundy is a furnace, and we can only use one another to survive.

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  1. Karl and Funny should’ve had smaller inventories maybe like only 9 slots so then Nolan would be useful since he would have the full inventory

  2. Karl: I’m a crafting table!
    Me: Oh Karl, you’re so random.

  3. After Nolan Tried to craft a crafting table he was quiet for a minute

  4. Nolan: You can’t just take stuff from me like that >:[ Karl: *You’re a chest`* Also Nolan: Oh…

  5. Andres Rodriguez

    lol poor Nolan

  6. You guys should do this but with tools, like a axe, pickaxe, and sword. That would be sick!

  7. This is just Nolan being bullied.

    The entire time –

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