Minecraft, but if I say “mine” things get abnormal

If I say “end”- 10 endermen spawn. if I say “heart”- I lose all my hearts. If I say “lava”- lava spawns below me. I in addition have to answer every single text-to-speech chat message. can I beat Minecraft like this?

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  1. spawning subscribers

  2. Towards the end, I was literally wondering what would happen if you spawned a hole on the End portal and then–

    Mu curiosity was sated. ☻

  3. In case anyone was curious, he was ~10 frames away from entering the portal

  4. Doug Doug really started a movement

  5. he failed the dougdoug challenge

  6. DantheManZ25 69

    11:00 Literally how did TTS interpret “ok, ok, ok, ok, ok, ok, ok” as “of the dead of the dead one of the head of the” 🤔

  7. He’s a lot worse at this expiriment than DougDoug is. He needs to step up his game.

  8. Absolute karma at the end

  9. 12:05 got what he fuckin deserved XD

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