Minecraft, But Crafts Are Random…

Minecraft, But Crafts Are Random… (Challenge)

This is a Minecraft Challenge wherein I try to beat the game, but crafting recipes are randomized, this concept was encouraged by @TapL’s “Minecraft But Crafts Are Multiplied” video clip, except I put my own twist on it!

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  1. Fan bob Square pants

    Am I the first person to see that he missed achated diamond leggings

  2. Wait wait wait wait wait… you only uploaded 11 Videos! 😛

  3. “we’re half diamond now” 100%!

  4. Silvie Balušíková

    7:08 i got this sword in my minecraft world!!!!!!!!

  5. adam ananı diyo 14:59

  6. it took me 5 minutes to realize this is speedsilver
    my brain is smooth with a worm included he wasnt annoying me

  7. He said like before 300k lol I subbed before 20k

  8. Lemon_ Lunchables_69

    No way dude

  9. Flower op

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